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Building Stronger Communities One Block At A Time

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Building Stronger Communities One Block At A Time

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Building Stronger Communities One Block At A Time

Greater Neighborhood Alliance NJ.

A Greater Neighborhood for Greater Neighbors

Greater Neighborhood Alliance of New Jersey is a nonprofit community organization that focuses on residential quality-of-life issues such as safety, land use, development, affordable housing, traffic, green space, parking, and education.

It strives to ensure laws are obeyed in the community by promoting collaboration among neighbors through this alliance.

By calling out elected officials & agencies accountable for underrepresented groups along with fostering diversity through special outreach plans tailored towards those whose voices haven’t yet been heard; we’ll help build consensus among all stakeholders while generating solutions.


We’re committed to hosting events that are beneficial and enjoyable for everyone.


We go above and beyond to make sure that our projects benefit the greater good.

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About Our Greater Neighborhood

Sean Connor

Community Member

“The neighborhood held four Annual Easter Egg Hunt for the children. It was fun to watch the excitement and smiles on the children as they ran to find eggs while also participating in a raffle of prizes! I want to thank Sandra Lovely, Bret, and the volunteer board for all that they do throughout the year.”

Kamaurie LovelyHall

Community Supporter

“Thank you GNA for the HBCU College Tours, it opened up a whole new world for me, looking forward to attending Spellman College in a couple of years.”

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